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What does PEGTV stand for?
The “P.E.G.” in PEGTV stands for public, education, and government, and represents our three local stations and their respective focal areas. The education station’s content must be created for or by a school; the government station’s content must be related to the workings of the local, state or federal government; and the public station’s content would encompass everything else.

Who pays for public access?
According to the Federal Communications act of 1984, cable companies must provide certain available channels for public use. These stations are funded by a small percentage of the cable companies' yearly gross revenue, not to exceed 5%. Some PEG organizations also raise funds through donations and grants. Because cable companies make money from cable subscribers, it could be said that the citizens of a community pay for public access. This is one more good reason why you should get involved with your local public access organization.

How many people watch PEGTV?
Channels 1075, 1095 and 1085 reach over 20,000 households in Rutland County but we cannot say exactly how many viewers that equals.  Our programming can be seen by people connected to the Rutland Head End or “hub” of Comcast Cable. Rutland County residents that subscribe to VTel can view PEGTV on Vtel channels 163, 164, 165 (SD) and 1163, 1164, 1165 (HD).

How do I get a show on PEGTV?
You have two options. First, become a VIP (Volunteer Independent Producer) yourself.  The course is quick and gives you full access to our studio and our remote field equipment. The second option is to use your own camcorder or even a phone to record a video.  You can submit a prerecorded video by bringing in a physical copy (on DVD, Hard Drive, SD card, etc.) or by uploading it to PEGTV’s dropbox account through our website

How much does it cost to get a show on PEGTV?
It’s all FREE if you are a Rutland County resident. Equipment, training and airtime are made available FREE by PEGTV to help you exercise your freedom of speech through cablecast on one of our three channels.

How do I become a VIP – Volunteer Independent Producer?
The first step is to call us at (802) 747-0151 and tell us you are interested in producing a show. We will discuss your show idea and the best course of action. If you would like to do an in-studio show then you would meet with our development coordinator who will help you every step of the way. The first steps include brainstorming show titles, set design, and other elements that will make your show a success and as professional looking as possible. We will be your personal production crew. If you are interested in filming an event outside our studios like a sporting event or concert, then you first need to complete the VIP orientation class. Upon completion, you will become certified to use our field production equipment.

What does the VIP orientation class involve?
This one-hour class will educate you on:
Guidelines of public access television and the FCC
Hands-on training of the camera, tripod, microphones, etc…
Tips for how to shoot the best footage, lighting, audio
How to reserve and return your equipment
This class is held by appointment only. If you would like to attend please call (802) 747-0151.

Can I use your equipment to record anything?
Yes, as long as it meets our guidelines and follows FCC regulations, you are free to record anything as long as you intend on cablecasting your finished product on one of our three channels. Again, according to our guidelines, you cannot use PEGTV equipment for personal projects. 

Can PEGTV cover an event sponsored by our organization?
Sorry, PEGTV is not a news organization. Remember, this is public access, we do not choose what material is shown. You can fill out a Giving Form that enables you to have your event considered for coverage on a special needs basis. 

Can I edit my show or add other enhancements?
Yes you can have complete control of how your show looks. You are the producer. If you do an in-studio shoot our development coordinator will work with you if you have specific ideas you’d like to incorporate. If you use the field equipment to tape off-premise you can use one of our 2 editing bays to download and edit your footage.  We offer a PC edit bay using Corel software and a Macintosh edit bay using FinalCut Pro and Adobe Premiere. 

What if I don’t know how to edit and use that software?
Our staff is here to help. We will show you how to download your footage, and train you on basic editing techniques. When you feel comfortable you can work on your show without assistance. If you run into problems or questions a staff member will always be ready to help.

How long can I edit for?
We reserve the edit bays in two-hour blocks. If you cannot finish within that time frame you can always reserve the bay for another time and day. If the bay is not being used after your time is up then you can ask for more time to finish if you desire.

When will my show air?
We publish our schedule two weeks in advance. This means that it usually takes two weeks for a new program to appear on our schedule. We do not schedule new shows until we have your finished product.
How many times will my show be on?
Programs usually run for two weeks, three times each week. To find exact times, check the individual channel’s TV schedule on our website

Are there any guidelines or rules I have to follow when producing my show?
Yes. A copy of our programming guidelines can be found here. All programs must be free of all commercial content.
What if I don’t have cable television, how can I watch my show?
We upload all of our programming to our website. If you have internet access you can use our Video On Demand player to watch your show on any smart device, anytime and anywhere. There is a link you can share to show family and friends as well.
Can I get a copy of my show?
A VIP will receive one free DVD copy of their show. If you have an external hard-drive or thumb drive, we can also give you a digital copy. 
What if I want to get information out to the public but I don’t feel I have enough material to fill a whole 30-minute show?
You have several options to still get your information out to the community. You can submit or record a public service announcement (PSA), run your information on our community calendar bulletin board or do a "Video Press Release"  A “Video Press Release” is a quick announcement of your event in a low pressure environment that is quick and easy and gets you in and out of the studio fast. A single camera is set up so the channel coordinator can tape a quick who, what, where, when and why of any event you want to make known to Rutland County. Don’t be afraid to make a mistake for we can do several takes and edit if needed and you can always use our teleprompter if you feel more comfortable doing so.
What if I am not a resident of Rutland County? Can I still get a show on PEGTV?
Yes. Out-of-town productions/producers must have a local presenter. Someone within Rutland County must appear in person to sign for your program.