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Political Guidelines

Candidate Profiles offer candidates the opportunity to speak briefly about their platforms in a modern television studio setting with a professional production crew. 


Alternatively, candidates can record their own profile and send it to PEGTV. These profiles are aired, in the order recorded and received, on PEGTV Channel 1085 as well as uploaded to the video on demand player available on our website, on the PEGTV YouTube channel, and promoted through advertising and social media.


PEGTV provides an open venue for candidates to freely discuss their political platform. Candidates are also free to explain why they would like to be elected to a local or statewide office. However, per our guidelines, we are not permitted to air political or commercial advertising. This includes language such as, “vote for me,” or "I’d like to ask for your vote.” In fairness to all candidates, past, present, and future, PEGTV reserves the right to restrict political paraphernalia, including lawn signs and campaign buttons in accordance with content guidelines. It is acceptable to encourage viewers to vote.