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PEGTV Producers' Group

Producers’ Group at PEGTV

A Monthly Group to Inspire Producers

Rutland, VT – PEGTV is inviting the community to join its monthly group called The Producers’ Group. The goal of the group is to inspire, train, and connect longtime and aspiring producers alike in a fun encouraging atmosphere. It’s an opportunity for locals to share their work, collaborate on projects and learn from each other. No prior video experience is required to join the group, and all Rutland County residents are welcome.  

“Whether you’re in the brainstorming stage or putting on the final touches of your video, I hope you’ll join us and share this journey with fellow Rutland producers,” said Daniel Appelt, the Technical Coordinator at the station. “When you’re creating a video on your own, you’re limited to your own imagination and abilities. When you bring other people into the process, doors start opening up you never knew about.”

The group will meet on the second Thursday of every month, from 6-8pm at the PEGTV studio on 1 Scale Avenue in the Howe Center. Locals with any questions are encouraged to email   

*Upcoming Producers' Group Events*

December 6th

“Broadcast Performance” with Andrew and Stephanie Wilson, WestView Digital This video-creating duo, pair up to discuss both sides of broadcast performance: how to have a professional screen presence when in the spotlight, and how to direct an interviewee when behind the camera.