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Special Announcement To Educators, Parents & Students

Special Announcement To Educators, Parents and Students

Hello from PEGTV 20 – Educational Access Television

We are looking forward to helping you produce programming and promote your school to
the 18,000 households on the Rutland Comcast Cable system and beyond.

PEGTV has expanded beyond the local cable system. We’ve heard comments such as “I don’t
have cable, don’t have television or I subscribe to satellite.” We are happy to announce that
PEGTV programming is available on the web at

Upon visiting our homepage you will be able to watch live streaming video of one of our
public access channels. In addition, any programming produced on PEGTV 15 (Public),
PEGTV 20 (Education) and PEGTV 21 (Government) is now available in our on-demand
library. You can browse through a list of locally produced programs from talk shows to school
board meetings to sports and watch them at your convenience.

Having said that, we would like to take a moment of your time to suggest a few ways school
leaders, faculty, staff, parents and students can use PEGTV 20 to promote your school. Best of
all….these services are free!

We encourage schools to continue sending in your school newsletter. PEGTV Channel 20 puts
as much information as possible on our new state of the art electronic bulletin board.

Become an independent producer. We offer basic video production classes to any interested
faculty, staff member and/or parent at our studios located at Howe Center in Rutland . This is a
basic and simple class that involves two hours of your time. Once certified, you can use public
access equipment to tape events at your school or in the community. If you like, use your own
equipment and just submit the program on DVD, miniDV tape or as an mpeg file.

If you’re not interested in taking the training class, you can still become involved. Several
schools have created their own monthly talk show utilizing the PEGTV studios and equipment.
It is easy to get started and we will help you every step of the way.

You know better than anyone the great things happening in education. Give us a call at
747-0151 or email to discuss how we can work together to highlight
your school in the community.

Thank you.
Bryn Williams
PEGTV 20 Program Coordinator
Educational Access Television
1 Scale Avenue, Suite 108
Rutland, Vt 05701
(802) 747 - 0151