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Voting Information

Next LIVE Election Coverage - Tuesday, November 8th

You can watch PEGTV's live election coverage on Ch. 1085 & VTel 165, here on, on, or on!

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Vermont Voting Information

The Vermont Secretary of State has valuable information differentiating myths from facts surrounding voting and the election process.

They can be found here:


Are you registered to vote? 

Visit for information about voting in Vermont including registration, early & absentee voting, accessible voting, and my voter page.



Visit to check your:

·      Voter registration status

·      Absentee ballot status

·      Mail-In application and ballot status 

·      Poll location

·      Elected officials

·      Registration information on file with the town office

·      Sample ballot for the upcoming election

·      Challenge letter response

and to

·      Take the oath


Are you running for office? 

Visit to find out how to get your message on the government channel 1085


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